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As the name ‘Arboreto’ suggests, this car-free project sits among the trees. Its location is completely unique, wedged between majestic Tervuren Park and the primeval trees of the Sonian forest. Arboreto means living in the heart of the Green Belt, the rural area that embraces our capital. Tervuren is located in the Druivenstreek, an inviting area for walking and cycling enthusiasts. In a matter of minutes you’re surrounded by nature, with scintillating Brussels always nearby.

Even when zooming in and taking a closer look inside Arboreto’s walls, you’re still surrounded by greenery. Erik Dhont, a landscape architect who has earned his stripes both at home and abroad, designed the project’s garden oasis. In his design, nature holds sway and people can roam freely within its boundaries. There is room for local trees and hedges, a small open orchard, walking and cycling paths, places of repose and benches. Coming home and immersing yourself in nature… what bliss.